Paper trays for figs

The new Naturalvi trays for figs are here.

As you may have seen in our catalog, the number of references proposed by Naturalvi grows avery year.

To the Mango trays, great novelty of 2018, we add today the new inserts for fig.

We know figs are an extremely delicate fruit. This is why the shape of the inlay, as a drop of water, guaranties a perfect protection for the fruit preserving its freshness.

Available in eleven different sizes, Naturalvi can produce them in any PANTONE® reference you may chose or with your logo or brand.

Virgin kraft paper, shaped with heat and water, keeps intact its properties. It helps you to preserve the fruit longer absorbing humidity excess and thus preventing molds.

This unique tray, carefully designed to take care of your produce, can also help you to stand out in the shelves. . 

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