Naturalvi paper trays are free of PFAS et PFOA

Denmark has, on July 1st 2020, implemented new regulations on paper and cardboard packaging for foodstuffs prohibiting the presence of Poly and Per fluoroalkyles. These compounds, used to make the support resistant to grease and water, are very stable and do not degrade in natural environments. In addition, they are believed to be endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.

Eco-friendly packaging

Naturalvi produces its paper trays with virgin kraft paper, water and heat. Our trays are made for the packaging of fruits and vegetables, dry and non-fatty products, and are not resistant to water or grease. We do not add chemicals when processing paper.

100% recyclable packaging

We fullly comply with European laws regarding packaging. We have our trays tested regularly by an independent laboratory which measures, among other compounds, the total fluorine content and our products are always below the detection threshold of the method.

Naturalvi paper trays are produced from virgin kraft paper from sustainable forests. Our products are safe, free from dangerous chemicals and 100% recyclable.